A strange bump on a newborn's eye

Collaboration among specialists helped identify the cause of a strange lump on a newborn's eye.

Immediately after birth a strange-looking lump was seen in the left eye of a newborn. 


The team wondered whether this could be a malignant eye tumour that would have a poor prognosis if left untreated. If that were the case, a timely, simple removal of the tumour from the eye-socket would represent the best option to ultimately save the life of the baby, albeit at the cost of one eye. 


The TM oncology specialist immediately answered their request and advised against the removal of the eye, indicating that this looked different than a malignant congenital eye tumour. Then the TM pediatric eye specialist responded with a short answer and welcome result: “This a neonate with an everted lid. As the lid is everted there is swelling and redness, and it looks like a mass, but it is not. Put some tape from the upper lid to the lower lid to close the lid and the problem should settle.  Good luck.” 


The second picture shows the tremendous value of TM for this young patient.



By Dr Jaap Karsten


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